We own a farm!

“you are very brave…”.
What people actually want to say is
“you are very stupid!!!!”
I have almost rehearsed the same explanatory reply to these comments…..
“a better life, live off the land, lower our carbon footprint, bill free …” If I need to explain myself too often I find myself thinking
” but why wouldn’t you do it?”
And why wouldn’t you, why not try something new and exciting and challenging and life changing? In the sun?! In a country you have never visited?

Sorry, let me take a step back

In 2015 we bought a run down farmhouse. With all our savings. In a country we had never even been to….
We saw the house on rightmove.com and instead of doing the sensible thing of going to visit the house we bought blind. It really is amazing how good some photographers can make a place look! On a dreary day early September we came face to face with what would essentially be our home. After taking the front door off its hinges (as the lock was obviously broken )I have a vague memory of doubting that this was our smartest idea, but it was a bit late to voice that opinion!

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