The price of selling yourself


Today is a strange day for us at Hungary Nuts as we are anxiously awaiting the airing of a documentary about our ”new” lives. A year ago we agreed to allow Ben Fogle and a crew from Renegade/Channel 5 to come and stay with us on the farm and film our daily moves. It was a strange week and not one I would necessarily rush back into but I felt is was a great way to show viewers the reality of moving to a new country and trying to live off grid. The film crew were amazing, helping out with anything they could, and constantly assuring us that it was going well.

We thought it might be a fairly simple experience, just doing what we would normally do day to day, but of course it never happens that way. Having an extra 7 people in a tiny house (one of which was my mother who had never visited before) was fairly tough going, especially with the sticky mud that seemed to get everywhere!!! And it was ever so cold in February, especially with the crew in and out of the house all day, letting all the warmth out. Plus our two cats who had just been moved over from the UK and an over-excited muddy dog….I don’t think our house will ever be the same.

But that all said, I had fun and loved meeting such a well traveled team, who were brimming with advice and ideas. We laughed, we cried (well, I did) and we made friends. I really hope that we come across as who we really are and that we can inspire and show viewers the truth behind moving into the “wild”.

Jackson stuck in the chicken house

Sophie wielding a chainsaw

The mud!!!

The pizza oven in the making (Big thanks to Soph and Sean!)

Love this mad bunch

5 thoughts on “The price of selling yourself

  1. Emily says:

    You are trult very inspiring and its awesome to read about every thing you have done so such a short space of time!. We Biked through Hungary this summer and I’m so upset we didn’t hear about you guys sooner as we would have definitely paid you a visit! Please keep blog posting 💚


    • HungaryNuts says:

      Thank you do the message. Yes we now raise rabbits, ducks, geese, goats and chickens. Have eaten rabbit twice since but not high on my list of food priorities…happier with my veggies, eggs and goats milk if I am 100% honest.
      Take care


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