Big hearts

The true kindness of people can be overwhelming at times. I have been inundated with emails of support and well wishes since the show aired in November, proving that there are good souls in this world who take time out of their busy days to send positive messages to people they don’t even know. I am slowly making my way through them all but it takes such a long time as each one deserves a decent response. We have had strangers turn up at our doors just interested in meeting us and seeing what we are up to, messages from some who want to help and guide us.
I was amazed while back in the UK at the generosity of some people, being given gifts such as electronic books, gifts for the local children and even a trailer! All these gestures go a long way and I am not sure how we can ever truly express our gratitude. We had a really tough time back in England with one thing or another, and meeting some of these kind strangers has really got me through it all.
I hope that one day we can repay them all with a place to stay at the farm if they felt they needed a break from the ratrace, and also for them to see how their gifts have made a difference not only to our lives but those around us.

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