Worst blogger ever…

Well, it’s been far too long since my last post. This diary keeping/blogging is actually pretty tough while trying to keep on top of all the veggies, the weeding, milking the goat, bottle feeding the babies….and that’s all before I have had my first coffee in the morning!

But trust me, I am not complaining. Life is great right now. We have had our first harvests of spinach, sugar snap peas, broad beans and salad leaves. We are also frantically harvesting and pitting bucket loads of our cherries. We have made our first batch of cherry wine, put a load in the dehydrater for our winter supplies, made sauces and syrups and even have a cherry pie in the oven (many thanks to my lovely husband!). Even the pits get saved as you can make your own vinegar and liqueur from them.

Our biggest news right now is that we are getting about 3 or cups of fresh goats milk everyday from our lovely Narancs (Hungarian for orange). She had her little kid 6 weeks ago and is now needing very regular milking. I just love going out first thing in the morning and getting warm fresh milk from our friendly girl…nothing quite beats it in your morning coffee. I have also just attempted my first goats milk cheese which was just scrumptious.

Our two bottle babies are also doing well, sadly their mum was not able to nurse them as she developed mastitis so I have been playing mum for the last 5 weeks…it was touch and go for a while but they have bounced back-literally!

We have also started our brews for the year. Gareth had a go at making some medieval beer, and will definately be making more soon. We also have pea pod and accacia wine, dandelion flower wine and nettle wine on the go. As well as our 50 litres of cherry plonk! It’s very cheap and its great knowing what goes into it and that its all organic! The most difficult bit is learning to be patient!


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