New year, new products

So 2017 has been and gone, far too quickly! It really amazes me how quickly life can get in the way of everything else….

But, what 2017 did bring was an influx of new products (they can be found on so please do have a look. ( ). We now have an impressive tea ranges including yarrow, elderberry, speedwell, dandelion root, purple dead nettle…. and some interesting twists on our older ranges such as corn silk and apple, ground ivy and mint, plantain and cherry to name just a few. Its an educational time for us as we are learning about all the natural benefits of what grows around us.

Another exciting development in that our walnut butter is back. After underestimating the market last year and selling out within a few weeks we have got this years stock ready and waiting. Delicious, healthy and no added sugars or chemicals. By far our best seller at the UK Christmas markets in 2016!


My personal favorite discovery was the amazing benefits of my homemade face masks…its a combination of local raw Acacia honey and fine powdered organic paprika powder. Its fiery, sticky, and if a bit drips in your mouth during application, safe and tasty!! It has tightening and rejuvenating properties, and the best bit is that you know there are no chemicals seeping into your skin. I personally love it, and hope you do to.

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