Thanks to all you lovely people!


This week saw the airing of our follow up program, “Return to the wild”. We both just wanted to say firstly thanks to the guys at Renegade for producing such a great episode, it captures just how much fun we are having on this crazy journey of ours…. come and visit us in a few years and who knows what you will find!

Secondly, a massive thank you to everyone who watched and then felt compelled to contact us with messages of congratulations and well wishes, it’s is truly humbling to receive such lovely emails and letters and makes the tough days that much easier.

Lastly, our supporters need a massive shout out….to all of you who went online and bought some of our artisan products, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You have helped to see us through a few more months, and it means so much to us, particularly at this time of year when expenses are so high. We have all the seeds to buy, the winter supplies have been used up, plus with a baby on the way we have the massive expense of building an extension next month. All of your purchases will help us get that bit closer to the life that we have always dreamt of, so thank you again!!

P.S. If you or any of your friends still want to buy anything please use the code “springsale” and you can look forward to a complimentary gift from us.




One thought on “Thanks to all you lovely people!

  1. The Monsoonfamily's Mum says:

    I loved this program! You are definitely complete nuts but ever so courageous!!! I’m glad I found your blog this morning. Love from France.


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