Breastfeeding in a Trabant….

Many of you may be unaware of what a Trabant is so let me quickly fill you in. Over 3.7 million were produced in the late 1950’s till early 1990’s in East Germany. Made of steel,  plastic and Bakelite, they are a bit like a go cart on steroids. They are quite a common sight around Hungary now, and apparently you are only truly Hungarian once you have owned at least one of these beasts. We bought one last year when the police took the papers and number plates off my reliable Toyota (another story altogether). This purchase however was before we knew that there was a baby on the way….

The car is so little that it feels like quite a squeeze when we take the dog out with us, let alone for a monthly shop. And I thought it was tight before trying to fit a pram, cot attachment, car seat, nappy bag, dog (!), husband, and a baby in it. And then try adding  any groceries that you may have had to get.

It also turns out that a baby doesn’t necessarily like to stick to a plan, and even though a journey in the Trabant basically ensures instant sleep, the minute you park she is wide awake, and generally hungry, starving in fact. And that is how my “breastfeeding in Lidl car parks” story begins. Not only have I now fed her in every Lidl car park within a 50 km radius of our house, I have had to do so in an over heating, cramped Trabant with the doors (and sometimes boot) flung open. It gets ever so tricky fitting a wriggling baby into a space that didn’t even allow for my bump in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Add to the equation leaky boobs, no water (any breastfeeding mum will understand that thirst), some seriously disapproving stares and over 30 degree heat, it all makes for an interesting day out. But at least it gives me a laugh, especially when I read some of the American child rearing blogs I follow with women complaining about having to sneak off into their air conditioned, tinted window SUVs, mortified about having to pop a boob out in an inconvenient public place. Turns out that I have no problem with public nudity.

All in all its been a fun car, even the few months during my second and third trimester when we had to push start it every time we needed to go somewhere, and it over heating every time we stopped. Plus having to constantly drive with the heating on full blast in the middle of summer. Really its just another normal day for us in our crazy Hungarian adventure that we call life!


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