We have always known that we don’t fit the ‘normal’ mold, and have been quite happy to be the crazy couple who go against the tide, always fighting to ensure that our happiness and creativity can work harmoniously. The idea of living off the grid, self sufficiently has always been a dream that we both shared, but struggled to see how it was ever possible in England. After a three day visit to Croatia back in 2015 both Gareth and I realized that Eastern Europe was the place where we wanted to begin the next chapter of our lives, and after a bit ( and I mean, very minimal) research, we settled on Hungary. This was due mainly to the climate, but also because we could buy a large farm for the equivalent of two months rent in London. Neither of us had any knowledge of the country and instead of traveling around first, we bough the property blind, off the internet! This was met by utter horror from our friends and family, but we knew that everything turns out just fine provided you have the right attitude.

In September we arrived at the farm, our lives packed into an old VW riot van, including our two year old rescue dog Pepper and our dear friend Mike. None of us knew what to expect, but we knew there would be lots of work in the near future if we wanted to make this adventure work.